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My name is Joel Miller and I pastor Columbus Mennonite Church.  My wife, Abbie, and I have three daughters: Eve, Lily, and Ila.   

Some life experiences that have impacted my formation include: growing up on a farm with three other sibs in Bellefontaine, Ohio; attending Hesston College in Kansas (where Abbie and I met); living for a year in experimental intentional community with four other friends in Atlanta, Georgia; studying sociology at Eastern University in Philly; studying Middle East culture and politics for a semester in Cairo, Egypt; doing a year and a half of Mennonite Voluntary Service in St. Louis, Missouri, living in community with other volunteers and working with Habitat for Humanity and the Institute for Peace and Justice; attending seminary at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, studying Bible, theology, and ministry and becoming better rooted in the Anabaptist tradition of peacemaking and service; and becoming a husband and father. I pastored in Cincinnati for seven years before beginning at CMC in 2013. 

When there’s spare time I enjoy home improvement projects, running, and reading.  In my next life I might be a farmer. 

1 thought on “Brief Bio

  1. I just listened and read your preaching on “That time Jesus called a foreign woman a dog OR A theology of interruption” and I was/am very inspired by your gift of preaching. May our Loving and All Inclusive God continue to bless you and inspire you as you preach the Goodnews with passion and compassion! Sr. Xiomara Mendez-Hernandez OP

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